Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sleepovers, Cousins, Dress-ups, and Saving Diamond

There are so many fun happenings in our life that I want to remember forever - I'm so glad I've started blogging again!
Quite often, the above photo is what John and I wake up to in the morning. As John and I talked yesterday (which is something we love to do) we realized that some of the best times we've spent together as a family is during one of our "sleepover's". It's easier to read and discuss books as they're winding down for the night sometimes and it's easy to read for long periods of time this way too.

This last week we've begun reading The Element by Ken Robinson and The Swiss Family Robinson. Both of these books have led to some fantastic discussions. And it's funny how the kids (well, Tyra and Ethan anyway) are begging me to read The Element. It's an amazing, eye-opening book that makes us all the more glad that we're a homeschooling family.

We went to the Night at the Museum at the Hutching's Museum. The kids love it! Millie was a bit afraid of the floating foam dinosaur skeleton that swung around above our heads upon entering but daddy was there to protect her!

Cedric enjoyed standing by some fossilized dinosaur poop. Ty enjoyed holding an actual factual magnetic meteorite.

While there, the kids all got to pet, touch or see some sort of living species. From a bunny sitting in a fake pot over a fake fire (which John and I thought was so funny that they'd set such a scene up), to snakes, to a hawk - which Ethan even got to hold. Not very many kids got the opportunity to hold the hawk (or wear those fancy hats) so we got pretty lucky there.

Millie loved the sweet little bunny. We can't wait to have a pet bunny again ... one day.

Some of our favorites at this event was the Indian dancing, the science professor and, the kids' favorite, the Mr. Gladd look alike. He really is such a neat addition to the Hutchings museum! We love this museum and are extra excited because we now have a year pass and can go anytime!

John has been teaching the kids how to use Windows Movie Maker. They're excited about using this new tool to create movies from still frame movie projects they've made in the past.
The weather has been warming up nicely - it's still pretty unpredictable (as you will soon see) but here's Ty and daddy having a good time on the swings. John, earthing away, wearing Millie's hat and Ty trying to touch daddy's tongue with her ever-so-clean sock! Get him Ty!!!

It's so fun to see the kids enjoying the outdoors. Everything awakes from its slumber when Spring comes; colors, budding plants, streams, and children!

We're still reminded, however, that although Spring is coming and we've had quite the "warm" winter, winter is still here. The kids had a great time playing outside in the snow - some of them barefoot!!! I believe John was the instigator for that one.

This is Ty's finished piece of art titled,"The Oxygen Factory". It's quite the piece. I'd love to turn into a mini person and check this place out. Awesome Ty!

The kids have taken up a new hobby - wood burning! First they find a stick, shave off the bark, and burn an intricate design into the wood to create a magic wand.

Cedric and Tyra were eager to make some more of these "wands" one day but didn't want to be out in the cold and wind so we made a workplace for them in the garage. They listened to music, had plenty of light to work with and burned away!

They even have a neighbor friend, Angelina, picking up this new hobby as well.
Millie and Cedric wanted to help me with my last batch of sauerkraut. We all LOVE sauerkraut. It's such an enlivening, healthy food to eat. They did a great job pushing out those juices!
We get to see Ellie almost (and at least) once a week. Millie loves to spend this time bonding with her. They played cards together last time. Ellie said, "I love this game!" It was fun to see those two spending quality cousin time together. Games are so much fun - especially ones that four year old kids can play. They're so cute!

My mom promised Cedric and Emma that they can sleep over at her house. The big day finally came a couple of weeks ago. Cedric and Emma had a great time. My mom said that they were in their own world creating all kinds of things almost the whole time. They both get along so well with one another.

Dieter, my new little nephew and the kids' new cousin buddy is the sweetie in the middle. He's SO adorable!

It's so fun to see my kids have cousins to bond with - which is something I never had. I've realized that cousins are only one small step away from being actual siblings and the bonds created within those relationships can be almost just as valuable.
We had one last snow fall - possibly of the season. So we went gung-ho trying to make the biggest snow ball ever. It ended up being a bit taller that I am - and quite wide. I went and hid while Ty went to get daddy. When he came Ty and Cedric told daddy that they covered me in snow. He actually believed it for a second and wondered how they talked me into doing such a thing. It was quite funny.

The kids had a (very hard) kung-fu test last week. They did very well, pushing themselves to the limits. Ty was even pushed to a breaking point but said a prayer while re-couping in the bathroom and returned to finish the test and get her GOLD sash. Yay Ty!

Eth is up to a blue sash and Cedric also has a gold sash now. I'm so proud of the efforts they made at the test. Way to go you guys!
Oh, Gert-is-rude! We love this cat SO much. What ever would we do without her??? Yes, that is her (being forced) into praying postion.

This is a sweet little picture (only about 3x2") that Cedric drew. He made several of these and hid them throughout the house so that when Easter comes everyone can go and find them.

However, he kinda forgot about them ... seeing as how Easter is still a month away. I love how his innocence comes through in the pictures he draws.

Speaking of Cedric - he has a favorite stuffed puppy which he lovingly named "Diamond". He LOVES this puppy with all the love his delicate little heart can muster. We've spent many minutes searching for this little friend of his.

Well, yesterday, Cedric and Ethan were tossing Diamond up in the air (don't ask me why) when - whoops! - it landed on the roof of our, very tall, house.

Cedric and Ethan came in telling me about this ordeal. I said we'd have to wait until daddy got home. Only minutes after John came home we hear a heart wrenching sobbing coming from upstairs.

Cedric's concern and worry for his dear little friend who was now residing, who knows how uncomfortably, in the rain gutter of our house, could no longer be endured in silence.

We hurried upstairs and found him in my room, curled up on my bed, sobbing away. We quickly let him know the problem could be resolved.

We called a friend, picked up a ladder, set that tall contraption up, and John climbed away to the rescue. Boy was Cedric happy! Those puffy eyes no longer held tears of sadness but were filled with relief and joy that his puppy had been safely returned to him.

What a happy ending to a sad story! :)
Ethan (having gotten a new shirt) and Cedric (having been inspired by a dress-up birthday scene in a Target magazine) were both dressed up as an "Explorer" and a "Rich Man". That next morning, first thing I saw after getting up were these two, all dressed up, playing together.

This dress up adventure of theirs reminds me a lot of what they're both like. They're both SO different from one another and yet they work and play together like best buddies. The "Explorer" takes them on a journey (along with his trusty home-made map) and they find treasures that help make the "Rich Man" rich.

Love it!
Here's Millie having a silly time. She's so funny - and her poses are always so entertaining and humorous as well. We all love her free spirit!

It's time to say good-bye to Russia. We ended our "visit" to Russia by making Sirniki (aka Cheese Pancakes) with a drizzle of strawberry sauce. They were pretty yummy - Ethan didn't like them so much but it's been fun trying some Russian foods.

Now it's on to Poland!!! In Ethan's words: "Hope they have some good food!"

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Rochelle said...

so much fun!! my kids have loved having more cousin time with you guys since we started back at kung fu!! and the kids are so cute when they are attached to little stuffed animals, dalan has so many that he almost treats like people!