Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sgraffito, Kit, Raphael

Some of our favorite things have been:

Paintings by Raphael
We love the books: What makes a Raphael a Raphael? (and so on after each artists name.)

I don't buy movies ... almost ever! But this is one we'll be buying. It's our latest favorite movie - Kit Kittredge, from the American Girl's book series. (I especially love the mom's character in this movie.)

Sometime after Tyra turns eight she'll be joining a group called Liberty Girls. This is a group which has book discussions and activities about one of the American Girl books.

After watching this movie and seeing the many neat lessons and principles which we can learn (and did learn) from this story line I'm even more excited for Tyra to join Libierty Girls.

We have also been excited about all the neat (and simple, yet informative and educational) art projects we've been doing. Here's our latest. The style is called Sgraffito where you apply bottom colors which are colored over with a dark color then scratched away at until one has a peice of art one likes. This site has made art projects fun again in our home.