Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jail, Face Painting, Gardner Village, Sleeping, Other

"You in jail." Is what Cedric was telling Millie as he was tying her to her chair with every chord he could find. She definitely wasn't going anywhere.
Face Painting craze. ..Almost every day the kids want their faces painted. Once painted they delve into their imaginary worlds and play together as they act as the animals (or superheroes) which are painted on their faces.
Gardner Village. We went to Gardner Village with some friends on probably their busiest day of the whole year. It was packed!!! But....fun. The faces are extra funny if you're able to view them up close by clicking on the picture. Cedric's face probably resembles perfectly the same look I had on my face as I left that place. :) This isn't an uncommon scene in the mornings. (Although this photo was taken at night.) Ethan comes and sleeps in our room every night. We have a blanket permanently placed on the floor next to our bed just for him. But, now and then they all straggle into our room during the night for one reason or another and we end up all sleeping together in the same room.

Our current favorite movie is Mr. Holland's Opus. It's so inspiring! It increased Tyra's desire to be able to play the piano smoothly and beautifully and Ethan, once again, was inspired to sit at the piano and compose his own songs. I also found him drawing pictures of him conducting an orchestra.

For me, it helped me to remember how important it is to be passionate about the things we teach to our children. Passion transforms. Passion changes one forever.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Da Vinci Exhibit, Milcreek, Other

>>>Da Vinci Exhibit<<<

We enjoyed our visit at the Da Vinci Exhibit. We viewed some of his artwork. The Lady and the Ermine being one of them.

And we got to handle and look at displays of his inventions.

Cedric was in his right element here. Experimentation is his other middle name. And that's exactly what Leonardo da Vinci did.

Ty enjoyed herself as well. This was one of Leonardo da Vinci's water "pump" inventions.


We visited Milcreek. The trees weren't as red and orange as we hoped they'd be but it was amazingly gorgeous anyway! I actually think it was the perfect time to come.

There were so many colors to enjoy. Too bad my camera didn't do well in low light.

Here's everyone hiking up. We only had about 30 minutes of good light until it began to get dark. The kids were rather uncomfortable as dark shadows began to take place within the woods of the mountain.

But we focused on how beautiful it all was. And how the leaves on the ground were like little lights the forest was providing for us. And as Cedric became more nervous, we comforted him with the fact that Heavenly Father made this beautiful place for us to enjoy. He kept repeating, as he thought aloud, "Heavenly Father! Heavenly Father!"

Sweet little bugaboo.

The kids have been getting along so well! Pure contentment flows through our home as they get along. To explain the top photo: Tyra had 2 new pairs of pajamas and so she decided to share one set of her jammies with Ethan. As they played around they decided to mix and match the jammies. They were having SO much fun that particular night.

The bottom photo is of us going on a walk. I looked ahead and this is what I saw. I hurried and snapped a photo before they broke up.