Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My latest piece of art and.....their latest piece of art.
One day, one day, their artisitic interests will blossom into something other than covering their bodies with the ink from multiple markers.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

granola, inventions, reading, Germany, Brazil, Black Friday

>>>Home from Brazil<<<

We're happy to have John back from Brazil. Even though he was consumed with work, he traveled a bit around Brazil the last two days.

You can view some of his adventures here.

>>>Library Books<<<

There's nothing like seeing children get excited about the books mom brought home from the library.

So cute!

>>>Another one of Ethan's inventions<<<

This is Ethan's snow shoe. . .I think that's what it was supposed to be.

You've got to hand it to him - it's quite creative.

>>>Black Friday<<<

We went to Tracy Aviary on the Friday after Thanksgiving. The weather wasn't bad. The kids had fun and it felt so nice just being together as a family.

Millie is so cute walking around.

Tyra is looking at the Flamingo's. We read about how the flamingo's specialized diet is what causes their beautiful pink color...

we decided Ethan isn't a "picky" eater...he just has a "specialized diet."

We also went to the Gardens at Thanksgiving Point. It was pretty cold by this time. But we enjoyed our time anyway.

After the gardens we got some ice cream and, without expecting it, there were suddenly two reindeer right by the window where we sat.

They were selling christmas trees and had reindeer in cages next to them.

So we watched them for a while.


We have been making granola again. It's such a yummy snack to have around.

The recipe is found on this blog. (It's a blog my friend and I created where we have started posting our natural remedies and recipes.)


Tyra left to Germany with my parents yesterday (at 4 am). She was nervous and excited.

I know she'll have a good time and will be able to share much with us when she comes home.

Tyra and I spent some time together making these links to go on her countdown chain before she left. Those days flew by.

Little does she know I made a new chain, one which counts down the days for her return.

Unfortunately, I don't think those days will fly by just as quickly.