Wednesday, June 25, 2008

TRIathlon, Birthday, Boating, Canopy

John did the Provo Triathlon this last weekend.
This time it involved swimming, biking, and running.
What a neat dad!
This triathlon was a little harder for us than the last one. We had a couple busy days before the race and didn't get to bed until late the night before the triathlon. But we got up at 5 in the morning and made it through the triathlon anyway.

Millie and Tyra hung out while we sat on blankets

under big trees after the race was over

>>>third birthday<<<

Cedric had his third birthday. He was sooo cute opening the presents that were just for HIM!
>>> boating <<<
We went boating with oma and opa. The boat almost sank ... but we made it out and back safely.

Look, here I am! I'm trying to look like I'm kicking back and relaxing in the boat but, instead, I just look retarded. Too bad Millie doesn't make up for my bad shot either.
My hunk came with too.

Opa let Ethan steer the boat. That smile couldn't be wiped from his face.

Cedric really loved it too.

Tyra got a try as well.

>>>comfy canopy<<<

Playing under our canopy in the front yard.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cake, Dirty Pond, Secret Garden

Tyra designed this cake for fathers day ...originally it was blue and red with orange and red sparkles but it's close enough.

Nice job Ty.

The kids like to play in the fountain area in front of the Lehi Legacy center. Most moms walk by and say to their kids who are tempted to join us, "Eeew no, that's gross."

It's all ours baby!

Tyra LOVES gymnastics. Her favorite is the poles. Look at her go!

We began our annual tradition of reading The Secret Garden in our own little secret area at the Thanksgiving Point gardens. We look forward to this every year.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dythalon, Krishna Temple, Constructing the universe

John completed a triathalon (dyathalon) today - more details are on my personal blog. We're so proud of him, he did great!

The kids did so well considering that they were woken up at 6am, had to wait in the car (to stay out of the rain and the cold) for 2 hours, and were shivering and all goose bumpy for another couple hours as we watched the racers take off and saw daddy come in.

We also went to the Himalayan Festival. It was So neat. The Inia(ns) have such a beautiful culture. We ate Tofu and other side dishes that were....interesting. Their food is more spicy than we thought it would be. The Tofu was actually our favorite.

Here's a beautifully dressed young India(n) girl.

The temple grounds consists of open hills and ... a llama farm. We were able to feed and touch them. A few people were spat upon by these woolly creatures. But, fortunately we weren't one of them!

I ran across a book I'll recommend to anyone thirsty for knowledge and unafraid of paradigm shifts. This book it titled, "A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe". Who knew that there's such a thing as secular, symbolic and, most wonderfully, sacred mathematics.

Oh my goodness, I just saw that they have activity books to go along with this wonderful find - even more exciting!

"Studying number properties and intellectually knowing the road map, the symbolism, is not the same as actually taking the journey. We take that journey by finding within ourselves the universal principles these properties represent and by applying the knowledge to our own growth." Michael S Schneider

Monday, June 2, 2008

Where have we been, you may ask?

We've been to the center of Whangdoodle land.

We've been growing amongst the Babylonians.

We've, once again, been a witness to Leonardo da Vinci's successes.

We've been in Egypt with Joseph.

We've been watching our garden grow.

We've been undoing some messy predicaments between the Elf King and the Fairy Queen.

We've been carried off by the Comuter rail train.

Tyra has started Gymnastics. Ethan is starting karate tomorrow.

And in case I don't come back soon, you may find us under the busy streets of New York or continuing our adventures in Egypt with Moses or taking in the colorful life of the Indian people in India.

Those are some of the things we've been doing... ;)

Summary of our Homeschooling life:

Morning Devotional
-read B of M
-Memorize current Article of Faith
-Maybe a quote or song and...

Read, read, read!
-Library books
-Chosen learning books
-Short story books
-Books about chosen country

Math days with daddy

Making discoveries in every new experience

Listen to Story of the World in car
or to
Audio Book

Night-time Bible stories

Night-time fun novel

Understanding the lives of the composers (Classical Kids)

Learning Sharing time


Sunday family meetings

And other small things that life is always willing to teach us!