Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Garden, face painting, camping, family outings

There's been lots going on....

Our garden is growing like crazy and is ready for a few new plantings.

Face painting has been going well. My kids are often seen with their faces painted. .. them and the neighborhood kids.

We went on our yearly campout with our friends. It was a lot of fun. It was more work than fun for the parents but the kids had nothing but fun and made it worth all the work.

We made a trip to the mountains....those are always some of our favorite summer memories.

Today, in particular, was a great homeschooling day. Scripture study went well. I test read my newest book to the kids (they like it so far). Tyra wanted to learn about Bach's life. But we were interrupted because she wanted to learn about math instead. My homeschooling heart flutters when I hear sentences like the one she gave me then, "Mommy, can we finish reading about Bach after I learn about math?" Of course!!!!

Tyra and Ethan practiced on the piano...they do this at their own free will. Ethan is memorizing songs and Tyra is almost finished with the first piano lesson book. It's amazing to watch them want to learn and to see them progressing.

We also juiced and made fruit roll ups from the free apricots we picked up yesterday...all 6 bags of them! It was messy (as you can see) but it was fun. We also had the opportunity to share some of our apricot wealth with a lady I visit teach...her husband is severely disabled from scar tissue that has built up from the debilitating disease most of us have heard of -MS. She has a large load to carry so we stop by as often as we can.

Sorry to keep going but there's more that went well. Tyra and I cooked dinner together and Ty really enjoyed it today. The other kids wanted in but I told them we'll switch days. Tomorrow will be Ethan's day to cook with me, then cedric and so on.

We did turn on the TV today .... to the History channel and Ty says, " Ooooh, I love history!" There went that fluttering heart again.... :)

Then during bedtime stories the story/book Cedric wanted me to read him was my most recent story. (I took it as a compliment.)

Today really did go well.

PS Sorry Heather I realize that picture wasn't the best photo of you... I'll have to post a better one of you another time. :)