Friday, August 22, 2008

Enjoying the last of summer...

It's still summer time and we're soaking up every last bit of it. We're enjoying being able to go with the natural flow of what feels right for our family and love that we have a few more moments of time to spend together in the warm and sunny weather.

Last monday I went with the kids one last time to Bear Lake for the day. We got up early in the morning and 12 wonderful hours later made our 3 hour drive home.

At the end of the day, as the sun was setting, we went for a walk along the empty beach. The warm sand massaged our feet on our hour journey with sounds of the small rolling waves echoing in our ears as the sky changed colors overhead with the setting sun.

We went on a little adventure through some tall weeds and, although a couple of the kids were skeptical of our safe return, we came out just fine, finding ourselves along the shore of the beach once again.

We sat and ate snacks as the air cooled and held out until the first star came out which we celebrated with shouts of joy. Then we made our long and quiet journey home.

Bear Lake came and went and with us will forever stay happy memories we found together.

That's what life is about. Growing together. Learning together. Giving eachother strength and support on our individual journey back to our Heavenly Father.

Although our summer moments aren't yet over we have been preparing for a more focused homeschooling year. By simplifying, organizing, and rearranging the things within our home. We've made it more comfortable and are now more excited to spend the colder months indoors.

So here we now are, preparing for better in depth homeschooling. We've come up with a fresh schedule that will help keep the things John and I find important for the kids ongoing. Yet, I'm keeping in mind something John Gatto has said, "I get out of the kids' way, I give them time and respect...letting themselves be the major text of their own education."

And so it will be. This will be a wonderful year full of learning, growing relationships, and individuality.

I can feel it.